If you search for “ERP Software”, you’ll find hundreds of millions of results. However, if you’re starting or running a Cannabiz, you may not have the time to decipher all that information. The CUE Experts are always looking for the best advice to answer your questions, that’s why we spoke with ERP Expert Kyle Breith what features to look for in this import software. 

What is ERP Software?

For those who are unfamiliar, ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning.

It’s software that provides an integrated layout of all the operations within a business.

ERP systems allow organizations to manage the entire company’s data and day-to-day operations in one application – This enables a suite of business functions the ability to communicate from seed to sale and beyond.

How does ERP apply to the Cannabis Industry?

If you’re reading this, then you are most likely aware of METRC to some extent. METRC is the compliance/regulatory system put in place to track and trace all aspects of the regulated cannabis supply chain from end-to-end.

From first glance, you may be asking: “How is ERP useful for the Cannabis industry?” and “What are the ERP must-haves for my Cannabiz?”

  1. End-to-end tracking and traceability (METRC)
  2. Easy to use inventory management
  3. Ability to manage data from end-to-end
  4. Helpful customer support from the software provider
  5. Ability to customize business modules as needed

End-to-End Tracking and Traceability

This is a deal breaker for any compliant Cannabiz. In today’s regulated cannabis market, medicinal or recreational, being compliant with METRC is absolutely necessary!


The first thing you need to consider when seeking ERP Software is to make sure it’s also METRC certified.

Recommendation: Viridian Sciences

Inventory Management Functionality

In my 5+ years working in supply chain management with Fortune 100 companies and Startups, having easy to use inventory management software is crucial.

This allows all users to easily understand, operate, and learn how to follow certain SOPs. Having accurate inventory data assists effective forecasting, replenishment, procurement, sales, distribution, and more.

Make sure the ERP solution you choose provides this necessary module and it will surely eliminate headaches long term.

Recommendation: NexTec Group

Manage End-to-End Data

Successful Cannabis businesses rely heavily on growth via analytics. Choosing ERP Software that allows you to capture and analyze data from seed to sale allows you to enhance your competitive advantage.

Having access to such data allows your company to increase business insights, foster collaboration, and enhance overall efficiency.

The ERP solution you plan on implementing should allow for easily accessible data.

Recommendation: Leaf Logix

Great Customer Support

Receiving quality customer service and support is the key to successful ERP integration.

Since many throughout your company will use the ERP software, providing them with the tools and knowledge to properly operate such functions is crucial. That’s where customer support comes in.

Make sure you choose a company that has good credibility when it comes to employee training, system onboarding, and has reputable support.

Recommendation: Viridian Sciences

Customizable Business Modules

Last but not least is making sure the ERP software chosen can accommodate for ALL of your business activities.

Especially if your Cannabis company is large and vertically integrated, the software must support all segments across your supply chain. Otherwise, why invest in ERP Software in the first place?

Recommendation: Leaf Logix