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Everything you need to know about Seed-to-Sale Software for Oklahoma

Software is an important part of building a strong cannabis business. Many new business owners try to scrape by with spreadsheets, but to be truly efficient spreadsheets are no longer an option. Eventually, business owners will spend more on labor costs to update their homemade tracking systems than they would in buying software. However, by …

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How to Choose Seed-to-Sale for your Cannabis Business

Software is an imperative part of building a strong business. Many new business owners may be able to scrape by with old-school spreadsheets, but this is no longer an option. Eventually, you will spend more on labor costs to update these spreadsheets than you would save as states require in-depth track and trace compliance. Seed-to-sale …

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How to Provide Insurance and Employee Benefits for Cannabis Employees

The cannabis industry is slowly expanding across the US, but as a whole, the industry is still in a difficult spot when it comes to providing cannabis business employees with decent health insurance and employee benefits.    Business owners for companies that are plant-touching like retail dispensaries, indoor grow operations, outdoor farms, cannabis product manufacturers, and …

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Top 5 Reasons to have Cannabis Delivery Insurance

Occasionally, CUE Cannabis hosts guest blogs from our partners who want to discuss the specifics of their products and the benefits they bring to customers. This blog features our partner American Business Insurance.  Finding the right Cannabis Delivery Insurance broker isn’t easy. I know, because many times per day clients tell me they called a …

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How to create a digital marketing strategy for a cannabis cultivation operation

Our cultivator customers usually start a business because they love to grow. It is the passion for cannabis that gets them started, and not necessarily an interest in business operations. But to be successful, at some point every business owner must make sure the accounting, human resources, and compliance aspects of the business are running …

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Digital marketing for new cannabis businesses

A strategy guide for a new dispensary, cultivator, manufacturer, extractor, or vertically integrated business. Whether in an up-and-coming cannabis market like Oklahoma or Illinois, or an existing market like Colorado, digital marketing can be one more daunting task on your ‘start a business’ list. Yet, in this modern world, a digital marketing strategy is an …

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Three things emerging cannabis markets can learn from the Colorado cannabis industry

Last week, we spoke at CannaCon Oklahoma, and met with many excited business owners looking to understand business and compliance software. Recreational cannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2012. In some senses, the early legalizers are a test tube where we can look for clues about the legalization process in other states. Business owners in …

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Cannabis HR Software Partner

Selecting a new cannabis HR solution from among the many options on the market can be a daunting task. Cannabis HR leaders need a way to sort through the growing choices available to them and identify a solution that will best meet their unique needs. The question is, how do you wade through the clutter …

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How to get your cannabis license in Oklahoma

Preparing to open your own cannabis business requires a lot of preparation and coordination. We have collected a page of resources for our readers in Oklahoma who are interested in opening a business in this state.  An overview of Oklahoma Cannabis Regulations Medical cannabis became legal in Oklahoma in April 2015, with the passage of …

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How to enhance your customer experience with Best in Grow

There are so many exciting businesses in the cannabis industry, each addressing a unique need. In this series, CUE Cannabis is speaking to Founders and owners within our network of partners. We are highlighting not only what their business does, but what they are excited about for the future of the cannabis industry.  Today, CUE …

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