Occasionally, CUE Cannabis hosts guest blogs from our partners who want to discuss the specifics of their products and the benefits they bring to customers. This blog features our partner American Business Insurance. 

Finding the right Cannabis Delivery Insurance broker isn’t easy. I know, because many times per day clients tell me they called a dozen brokers before they got to us. Besides that, we were the first to know what they actually needed. Commercial Auto Brokers are abundant, but few are specialized in for-hire and cannabis delivery insurance.

Even fewer have access to all markets currently offering these types of policies.

If you are a dispensary looking to expand services or a TNC looking to connect drivers for delivery, your Cannabis Delivery Insurance broker should give you more than just insurance.  As a result, American Business Insurance (ABI) has custom tools to keep fleets operating in the highest working order. Here are five reasons to consider us to operate your cannabis delivery insurance.

1) We are the Cannabis Delivery Insurance Broker Experts

Most brokers are generalists, and they do not specialize in one line of business. This makes them know a little bit of everything, but not be an expert on anything.

Although Cannabis Delivery Insurance hasn’t been around for 35 years, American Business Insurance has. Initially, we operated as a small, independently owned family agency and have since grown to be the largest transportation agency nationwide.

Our experience in this field is unique, and we have the ability to curate and custom build a policy package that works within your budget. That’s why we created this guide to help Cannabis Delivery Insurance business owners turn their idea into reality.

Within that guide, you will find that we have gathered facts about the nuances of not just insuring, but also operating your Cannabis Delivery business in the states where it’s legal. Although many states have legalized cannabis businesses, most still have strict regulations in place for transportation and delivery. If your business plans to cross state lines, you will need operating authority in those states as well.

2) Knowledge is Power

Currently, Cannabis Delivery Insurance broker programs are in the infancy stages as state-by-state regulations around medicinal and recreational use changes. Besides providing you with coverages you can afford– we take pride in staying in the know on the most recent legislation around your business.

You need a partner that understands the challenges your business faces in the Cannabis Delivery Insurance industry. And, we can provide you with updates as changes occur. In California, regulations are currently being drafted to allow statewide marijuana deliveries, even in areas that currently ban it.

3. Access to Exclusive Markets

As regulations are drafted and more states allow Cannabis Delivery, sales will boost and you might find that you need to cross state lines or expand your business to other states. As a result, you will need a policy that takes growth and ease of use into consideration.

Cars might break down; some will get in accidents – you need a broker that has several options. We know our markets well and when your policy renews, you can rest easy knowing we have shopped your account for the lowest prices available.

4. Loss Control & Business Oversight

 Since we have been in the transportation insurance industry, long before Cannabis Delivery was legal, we have created several proprietary loss control options which include the following:

  • Advice and tips for claims process
  • 24/7 access to your personalized policy at all times
  • Ability to add/delete vehicles and drivers in real time
  • Coming soon: Tracking devices for your vehicles to manage trips taken
  • Coming soon: Dashboard to view driver safety analytics
  • Coming soon: Accident crash detection and automatic claim reporting

5. One-Stop Shopping is My Fav, too.

Some agencies take days, sometimes weeks to get a quote for your Cannabis Delivery Insurance. However, because of our exclusive relationships and direct connections, we are able to provide quotes from some carriers within minutes.

Additionally, we have the ability to write other coverages you need to operate your Cannabis Delivery Insurance business such as General Liability, Cargo Insurance, and even bonds.

Whether you are a new business starting out with just one delivery car or an established dispensary looking to broaden your services, we are committed to quick and thorough turn around for our Cannabis Delivery Insurance needs.

Click here to request a demo or call 800-980-1950 ext. 4 to talk to one of our Cannabis Delivery Insurance experts M-F, 8 am – 5 pm pacific.